Airlipay On-Demand Pay

Early Wage Access for Any Industry

Airlipay works with employers to boost employee engagement, financial well-being, and job satisfaction. Whether it’s hourly or salaried workers, Airlipay offers a simple way to give them instant access to earned wages

By working with Airlipay, employers can promote a positive work environment that fosters employee well-being. Help employees better manage their finances and avoid expensive overdraft fees when waiting for payday.


Prioritizing a high-performing healthcare workforce is vital in today’s market. Earned Wage Access boosts productivity, and retention for healthcare workers.


Offering Earned Wage Access helps bridge the gap between paydays. For fast-paced, customer-facing retailers, Airlipay boosts employee productivity while decreasing turnover and absenteeism.


Airlipay integrates seamlessly with manufacturing employers’ payroll and timekeeping providers in order to offer real-time access to wages. For manufacturing companies, Earned Wage Access can multiply recruiting and retention efforts


With Earned Wage Access, it’s easy to increase productivity, boost retention, and see fewer missed shifts. Airlipay integrates seamlessly with existing payroll and timekeeping systems, making it simple to engage employees.


Instant access to earned wages is a vital employee benefit in many industries. Airlipay makes it easy to increase employee productivity and motivation by offering a benefit that many hospitality employees want.


Private security firms employ many employees with constantly changing schedules. Offering Airlipay can create financial stability for security workers, while working within your payroll, timekeeping, and scheduling systems.


Offering Airlipay to employees provides a cost-effective way to stand out against other competitive utility providers. For utility workers, Earned Wage Access increases company loyalty, boosts employee engagement, and reduces turnover.

Other Skilled Labor

Giving skilled labor and technical teams access to their earned wages can help with recruitment and retention of a highly-skilled workforce.