Empoyer your Employees to do their Best Work

Foster a sustainable, engaged and productive workforce by providing on-demand pay or early wage access or salary advances to employees with Airlipay.

Empower your employees with access to their earned pay when they need it.  Make your employees feel in control, valued and capable of handling their financial situation, employees become happier at work, miss fewer shifts and gain increased interest picking up additional shifts.

The Airlipay financial wellness benefit will build stronger relationships with your employees activating them to be more engaged, work harder and stay longer.

Greater Job Retention
More top-talent job applications
Reduced Workplace Theft and Fraud
Productivity and Engagement

What is Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access (EWA) also called On-Demand Pay is a financial technology solution that provides employees access to their earned wages or salary advances outside of their traditional pay cycle. EWA is also referred to as “early wage access,” “on-demand pay,” or “pay on demand.”

Many employees often have unexpected expenses and need quick cash but have unfavorable terms for loans so they fall into predatory high interest payday(or salary day which is mostly at the end of the month or week) loans or other financial products. This can lead to a debt cycle that is difficult to break causing financial stress

Airlipay on demand pay allows employees to access a portoin of their earned wages or salary advances without incurring debt, hidden fees, or interest associated with accessing them early

Airlipay is Simple and Secure for Employers

  • No change to payroll processes — Airlipay compliantly handles it all.
  • Seamless integration with your payroll system, processing employee payroll adjustments is easy to do
  • Data-Minimalistic Model – Airlipay upholds the fundamental principles of trust and privacy, only collecting limited employer and employee data necessary to power our platform
  • Enterprise-grade platform that keeps data private and the service running so it’s always there when your employees need it.

How does Airlipay Work

Frequently asked questions

There is no need for any concern. Airlipay funds the advances to employees on behalf of the employer, ensuring no cashflow impact on the employer.

As an employer, there is zero cost involved.

Life happens. Unexpected expenses will inevitably come up in between paydays. A worker’s ability to access their earned wages while in a “cash crunch” like paying an unexpected medical bill helps mitigate stress and has proven to keep them more productive at work, instead of worrying about their finances. Airlipay helps ease the burden of workers’ unplanned cash flow issues.